someone he can trust.

It seems as though we often throw around the term “relationship” when we talk about how we relate or engage with the Lord, but I don’t think it always means what we think it means. I think when I hear it used, it is usually a well-intentioned attempt at trying to wrap our heads around the idea that there is more than just rule following with Christianity. But too often, it feels to me like another term without much weight behind it. And I know I’m just as guilty as the next person. 

I know throw around this term without thinking much about what it really means to be in a relationship with God. So often I think about my relationship with the Lord only from my side of things. I often forget that in a relationship there is another half.

I only see how the Lord is impacting me, forgetting that my actions might be impacting him. I only see how the Lord is answering my requests, forgetting that he might have requests to ask of me. I only see where the Lord is asking me to trust him, forgetting that the Lord is looking for me to be someone he can trust.

Only a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be part of a dear friend’s wedding. It was beautiful and sacred. She was a breathtaking, glowing bride. He was a handsome, tender groom. We toasted them with sparkling cider. We ate soup and salad. We laughed our way through Polaroid photos, celebrating the start of their life together on that cold December day.

But that is just part of what made their wedding so memorable.


Less than two weeks prior, their wedding date had changed. Through a series of events, they felt like the Lord was asking them to move up their wedding. Instead of a wedding in May, the Lord was asking them to have a wedding in December. And when we showed up to celebrate, what we celebrating wasn’t only their wedding. Whether we named it or not, we were celebrating that the Lord trusted them. We were celebrating that they were people the Lord could trust to ask something like this of them. And it was evidenced everywhere.

It was the peace and delight in my friends as they got married, instead of anxiety and panic that things weren’t happening as planned. It was the eagerness of everyone to be part of this story the Lord was telling, instead of trying to worry about how it could all happen in just a few days.  It was the gratitude for the good gifts the Lord was giving them, instead of fear or uncertainty for how things would play out

I’m certain that there were less-than-peaceful moments or doubts running through my friends’ minds when they said “yes” to the Lord. Or in any of the days that followed. But that isn’t what was seen in as we celebrated as a small group of women in her apartment, sharing stories and eating treats the night before her wedding. And that isn’t what was seen when we sat in chairs in the dining room and living room of his parents’ home to witness their humble, sacred beginning to their marriage.

What was seen was that these two are people the Lord trusts. These two are people that the Lord could ask something of.

Streams in the Desert says this in the entry for November 13,

“God wants people that He can depend upon…God is looking for men on whom He can put the weight of all His love and power and faithful promises…It is His trust in you that explains the trials of life, however bitter they may be.”

As I remember my friends last night, eating leftover wedding soup from my freezer, I couldn’t help but smile, thinking again of how beautiful their wedding was. And I don’t think it was the dress or the decorations or the food. I think it was the beauty found in the fact that the Lord trusted them and they trusted him back. 

So often I ask what the Lord is asking for my trust in. But my friends have reminded my heart to also ask if I am a person the Lord can trust. I think that might be a better taste of what a relationship with the Lord really means.

*You can find more of the good story my friends are telling with their lives here. Thanks for letting me share, friends!


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