something small.

I’m grateful for picking a bouquet from my own small garden today. There wasn’t much love given to our property before it became ours. Sometimes that feels overwhelming when I see all that needs to be done.

But today I’m grateful for the reminder that doing something small is still doing something. I dream of a yard brimming with flowers, but I only was able to plant a small pile of bulbs in the fall. But I did that the year before, right after we got here. And even a small pile is still something. It is still is a step towards stewarding this place, making it more beautiful and redeeming what’s been entrusted to us.

This reminder isn’t just for our yard or house projects. This truth is what I’m preaching to my own heart about each step I take towards growth and beauty and redemption. Even if isn’t everything I dream of, there is still beauty in the process. Doing something small is still doing something.

And sometimes, even in the mess of the process, you get to enjoy the grace of picking your own bouquet from the bulbs you planted. 🌷


This post originally appeared on Instagram on April 25, 2018

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  1. Such a good reminder! And starting small is not overwhelming. I love your something small bouquet.
    Love you forever,


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