this place of grace

Today marks the third anniversary of us moving into our house. This house was the answer to so many prayers, but also not fully what I hoped for or wanted.

For one, this answer to prayer was past the date I had asked the Lord for. I had begged him for a certain timeline that didn’t come to pass, which at the time, felt devastating.

And this house wasn’t the perfect place and is far from the house of my dreams. It’s on one of the busiest roads and sometimes the semis driving by shake our house. It’s far from where I grew up and I sometimes still feel like the new girl here. It’s over 100 years old and there are plenty of “age spots” on this place to prove it.

But it has been more than enough for our needs. Even as pipes burst or we had to fill our walls with insulation, we had what we needed. (Although, I still had to cry about those pipes at the time.)
This house becoming ours was undeniable evidence of the Lord working on our behalf, fighting for us. On our own, we shouldn’t have been able to afford this house. And it has been such a gift to have the very walls that surround me, preaching to my heart every day about the Lord’s care for me.


This is the house I brought my son home to.

I live a few minutes of a drive from one of my dear friends.

It’s the place I’ve welcomed so many friends and neighbors, around our table and our firepit.

It’s where we planted our garden this year and had countless kiddie pool afternoons.

It’s where we’ve shared a drink on the porch after the kids went to bed.

It’s where we’ve picnicked in the yard and watched our kids run and play.

It’s the home that the Lord has given us. This is a place of grace.

It may not be the place of my dreams, but I’m grateful to say that I’m content here. I’m so grateful for the way the Lord has loosened my grip on what I thought mattered, and the gift of this home in this season.

I’m grateful for another year here:
another year to surrender to the story and place the Lord has for me,
another year to celebrate the good gifts of this season,
another year to be present to what the Lord is doing.
I’m so grateful for another anniversary, to remember and preach to my heart about this house of grace.


Originally posted on Instagram on 9/17/2019

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