Enneagram Coaching

As of December 2019, I’ve passed my certification course through Enneagram Life and I’m so pleased to be able to offer Enneagram coaching. I see coaching as a version of spiritual direction, as I have the privilege to sit with the person across from me (or on the phone with me) and listen with them to what the Lord is revealing about their life. The Enneagram has been such a powerful, transformational tool in my life, and I’d love to help you understand this tool for yourself.

Whether you want help discovering your type, are interested in a growth session, or perhaps you would simply like someone to help you listen to your life, I’d love to talk with you. The current rate is $80/hour.

I’m so honored and humbled by what a few of my clients have said so far:

“Besides the plethora of actual knowledge about the Enneagram (which I didn’t know before), it was helpful to realize God made me who I am purposefully to reveal a beautiful aspect of His character. This is so empowering. And it helps me understand and appreciate others better too!” -Anonymous

“She is such a great listener. It is so easy to be revealing with her. She has no pretense and is non-judgmental of my thoughts which allowed me to be utterly honest. It was refreshing! Alison is a wealth of wisdom to be shared and yet approaches our time together with humility and grace.” -Lorraine

You can book an hour long session with me here.